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Netra Eye Institute treats eye disorders using a holistic and integrative approach by employing Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.
Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine sees most eye disorders as a systemic imbalance leading to pathological conditions manifesting in the eyes.
Studies have shown both Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can treat eye disorders and can improve patients visual acuity. Treatments are focused on bringing balance to the body by treating the patient as a whole. During the treatment protocol the patients systemic disorders are also treated thereby the patients overall condition and quality of life are improved.

To refer a patient to Netra Eye Institute, please fill out the online form below. If you’d prefer, you can download the “Referral Form” and have it faxed to (732) 503-9999.


2864 State Route 27
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Phone: (732) 503–9999

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