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A few more things that you might find interesting about me…
Throughout my career I have always looked to support other women and help them step into their brilliance. I continue to be a vocal supporter of women in the events industry and I am committed to creating a self care revolution supporting as many as women as possible globally end their battle with food, their bodies and themselves to live an extraordinary life.

We Make a Difference

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Neurological Disorders
Developmental Disabilities

Working together for your better life!

Being professional isn’t about boring people with endless slides and regurgitated information. Instead, it’s about putting people at ease, allowing them to speak freely about their aspirations
“find workable solutions which will succeed within the structure of their organisation and with the individuals within it.”

Youth ministry

We want to inspire the younger generation to know more and more about Togo, whose Word can change lives. We want to highlight everyone in the gift that can serve others.


We pray and dream that the Church of Jesus Christ will be equipped and mobilized to pray that God will manifest himself in the service of saints.

Family ministry

We affirm the Bible's principles of family building. We conduct pre-marriage training courses. For couples - individual consultations.

Women ministry

We strive to help a woman establish herself in God's understanding of her place in the family, church, and society. Find your calling and gain freedom.

Our holistic treatments provides the hope you been looking for.